Peace is a Fight Style. A person with Peace does not fight physically; they fight with their knowledge, personality and creativity. Fire Eyed artists are usually Peace Fighters, because artists express their emotion through art,(which can be traditional art, literature, music, etc.) and that is what a Peace Fighter may do. They use either art or verbal communication to end arguments, disputes and wars. Over time, an innocent Love Fighter can become a Peace Fighter if they are exposed to war or hardship.

Legend DefinitionEdit

"PEACE: A war of sorts has been seen with these bright, sad eyes. Perhaps it is impossible to have both bright and sad eyes, but the sadness has seen something/s too sad. The brightness has also seen something much happier. They do not want to hurt anybody, and like to use their words or artwork." - André Locust[1]

Notable Peace FightersEdit

Danni Dolphin

Mya Dove

Toni Tiger

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. The War, and its End by André Locust