Jungle is a Dwelling characterized by extreme flexibility, strong appetite, and strange or unexplained behaviours (sleeping in a sitting position, digging holes in the ground, hugging objects, etc.). Most Jungle Dwellers actively consume inedible items (pica). Jungle Dwellers are at the highest risk of developing a drug addiction, especially marijuana. Their strong appetite is strengthened even further under the influence of cannibis, and that state is known informally as "the munchies". However, it has no formal name. Although Jungle Dwellers are associated with joy and eccentricity, their roots are much darker. Jungle was once as bloodthirsty as Wild, and would trap potential victims through peripheral hallucinations.

Jungle is known literally as The Night Dwelling.


Jungle is the first Dwelling in the Group Grass. The other Dwellings in this Group are Savannah and Bush, and the Dwellings are named after the general severity of the apparations that the Dwellers can create. Jungle Dwellers were once considered the most dangerous of the three, as a jungle is dangerous and fast-paced.

Dwelling DisorderEdit

The dwelling disorder of Jungle is the active consumption of inedible items, otherwise known as pica. It is classified as an eating disorder, but is usually not connected with low self-esteem. Jungle Dwellers have a strong sense of hunger, which may be a factor in their pica. The rush to consume anything can result in the pica.

Notable Jungle DwellersEdit

  • Calvin Ring-Tailed Lemur (1982 - 1999), one of the six founders of Runaway Kids, was the first registered Jungle Dweller.
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