Desert Boy is a poster personality for the Fanged Rights Movement. He was created by Tristan Wolf in 2019 and eventually became the Movement's most popular personality.

FR Poster 4- black haired desert boy

Desert Boy's First Appearance


Desert Boy has spiky black hair swept to his right side in every depiction. Traditionally, he also has bright blue eyes and a shirt in the colour of muted yellow. However, he sometimes appears with bright green eyes instead (most notably when portraying a Meadow Dweller). He wears a differently coloured shirt when playing the role of another Dwelling. For example, he wears a red shirt when discussing how others would react if he pretended to be a Wild
FR Poster 4- black haired desert boy on wild

Desert Boy on Wild

Dweller. The colour he wears corresponds to the Dwelling's colour.


In Desert Boy's eyes, fangs can be found in harmless people, who will then be prosecuted for it. He believes that a person's physical appearance does not portray their mindset. He represents the point of view of other Dwellings aside from Desert, in the sense that he is just representing someone who is not of a dangerous Dwelling, but was born with fangs. He could have been created in any Dwelling, as it is just his mindset that is important.

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