Aqua is a Dwelling Group consisting of Surface, Ice, and Water Dwellers. All Dwellings are named after the Dwellings' favourite position in the water. Surface prefer to be on top of the water; Ice prefer to be within but with their heads above, and Water prefer to be on or near the floor.


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Surface is a Dwelling characterized by very light hair, impaired social skills, and tasteless blood.


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Ice is a Dwelling characterized by pale skin, blue veins, and, in squid/octopai, excellent grip.


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Water is a Dwelling characterized by dark hair, excessive crying, and the easily identifiable extreme emaciation. Water Dwellers come with the ability Immunity to Cold, so their service was vital for the resistance during World War III. However, Water Dwellers are extremely rare, so acquiring them is difficult.

Skin EffectEdit

The Aqua Skin Effect is a genetic skin pigmentation found only in Aqua Dwellers. This condition can be spotted as early as just weeks after birth, but is more commonly thought to be lack of sun. It is in which that any Aqua baby can be born with pale skin, even if they, genetically, should have dark skin. One example is that of Misty Fairy Penguin, who was Hispanic by genetics but had pale skin for her entire life.

Groups and Dwellings
Aqua: - Surface - Ice - Water

Forest: - Wild - Rock - Mist
Meadow: - Peace - Sun - Reserve
Grass: - Jungle - Savannah - Bush
Sand: - Shallow-Shore - Desert
Mountain: - Low - High - Earth