RK Annejila Squirrel

Annejila Squirrel's Dwelling Shot

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10 October, 2015






The death of Annejila Squirrel

Annejila Squirrel Day is an international day of remembrance dedicated to the 17-year-old life of Annejila Moesha Squirrel. She committed suicide the day before her 18th birthday, making her re
RK Annejilas Ghost

Annejila Squirrel's Ghost

asoning clear. She did not want to live through the loss of her powers, as she did not think being an Auxiliary would be enough. Annejila tied a heavy rock to her arm with rope, and dropped the rock into Clearwater River. She drowned, and her ghost rose from the water. Her soul had not died. Annejila wrote a suicide note and kept it in her copy of Legend. It was found between the two opening pages of the Law, where it is stated that a Runaway Kid who commits suicide is no longer a Runaway Kid when they are in ghost form.